AngularJS - JavaScript framework

AngularJS Apps Development

AngularJS - JavaScript framework

AngularJS is a client-side js framework allow extend HTML5 for web or mobile apps. AngularJS is an open-source technology as well. Initially Develoers thoughts AngularJS is good for Single Page Websites or mobile apps only. But, Now a days AgularJS is being used by many big websites (,,,,, who have millions users every day, so that AngularJS is really helpful for large scale websites as well.

AngularJS is being used in Ionic Framework to develop iOS or android Apps development as well. Its called hybrid apps but work like native apps because used of angularJS.

Benefits of AngularJS

  • highly optimize
  • instant rendering
  • load quickly any web or mobile apps
  • Both Way Data binding

Weblounge’s AngularJS developers are a talented group of people experienced in deploying web applications, Mobile Application as well as Desktop Application using Angular.js with other tech. Our developers create high quality applications by aiming to improve the quality of the software by reducing both the cost of initial development and ongoing maintenance costs, and to improve the experience of working with your applications by providing clear expressive syntax and a core set of functionality that will save you hours of implementation time.