Codeigniter Development

codeigniter web development

Codeigniter is a community driven PHP framework with a very small footprint and is built to create rich web applications. The whole purpose of Codeigniter framework is to develop projects much faster, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks and a simple interface along with a logical structure to access these libraries. The MVC architectural pattern has all the components that support cost-effective and hassle-free web development.

Weblounge provides comprehensive services with hire-a-developer model - a dedicated development team; as well as project based quote and delivery. Our developers have extensive technical and project management skills which enables them to develop applications faster and efficiently.

Codeigniter Development Services

  1. Corporate Application Development
  2. Custom CMS Development
  3. Application maintenance and support
  4. Dedicated Ignited Developer
  5. Rich Internet Applications
  6. Portal Development
  7. Back-end for Mobile Applications
  8. Integration with Collaboration Tools
  9. Codeigniter Application Migration

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