Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Weblounge develops effective mobile apps across different platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile that improves enterprise productivity.

Mobility is a journey, not a destination. Having become the ultimate social device, and as users drift away from TVs and computer screens, the mobile offers radical new challenges for the people around the world. The impact of smartphones on current businesses is phenomenal. Mobile applications today are a part of high performance business instruments that streamlines operations, optimizes workforces and effortlessly connects with the target audience.

Weblounge is a leading in mobile application development as it provides best in class business, utility and multimedia mobile applications. Our developers are in sync with the exponential growth of mobile applications in all aspects of life globally and hence can deliver robust mobile applications in iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry platform to transfer the way you do business.

At Weblounge our developers realize that a mobile is not only a successful communications technology; it is also a key to the future of the media, and hence, we work diligently to make any app idea a productive and profitable reality whether it’s a start-up or a demand for business growth.

The advantages of working with Weblounge are as follows

  • Extensive experience and technological excellence on all mobile platforms
  • Our proven remote development methodology.
  • Real-time back-up and content distribution to any smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • We value your time and idea and work to turn into reality
  • Cost-Effective mobile application development
Weblounge offers a range of mobile application services, our roadmap to developing any application is as follows

App Strategy : The most crucial aspect of starting any application, we work with our client to device an effective app strategy before starting any project.

App Design : Our UI designers are created their own brand by delivering designs that are unique while adhering to the latest design guidelines.

App Development : Our developers are known for developing a very strong and reliable code.

Support and Maintenance : Weblounge is an end-to-end service provider. We work with you right up to the launch of your app.

App Porting : We can easily port your apps across different platforms and proprietary back-end systems.

Mobile lifestyle can be a rewarding environment for those businesses willing to embrace new technology and, with imagination and creativity, develop mobile marketing strategies that can win customers, boost brand awareness, raise profile and increase profits. Call us today to get a free consult for your mobile app or mobile website.

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